Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof’s rival EU referendum flotillas clash on the Thames

Ukip leaders fleet drenches rock stars boat blaring out The In Crowd as campaign stunt on EU fishing policy turns to mayhem The Brexit battle took to the waves on Wednesday as Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof commandeered rival Thames cruiser boats for a campaign stunt about EU fishing policy that quickly turned to mayhem.

Corbyn to take part in TV leaders’ debate

Labour leader confirms he will take part in Wednesday nights debate, forcing Theresa May to defend her decision not to appear Jeremy Corbyn has said he will take part in Wednesday evenings televised leaders debate, reversing his original decision, and has called on Theresa May to join him. The prime minister was asked repeatedly during

Rubbish job: Why don’t we just pick up litter? – BBC News

A small and unscientific sampling of people gleaned the insight that the fear a dog may have urinated on the litter was a significant deterrent. Dirty litter, too, was a less attractive proposition, even for the community minded. Some admitted to picking up more litter on their own street than others. The proximity of a

Transgender man to sue barbershop that denied service for ‘religious’ reason

United States army sergeant who determines as a transgender male states he was declined service at a California hair salon by the owner, who stated does not serve ladies A California transgender male strategies to take legal action versus a hair salon after the owner chose not to provide the client a hairstyle, mentioning that