Oh yes it is: Why pantomime is such a British affair – BBC News

Image copyright V&A Museum Image caption The birth of British pantomime used the harlequinade as a starting point, before the Victorians added their own preferences to the art form And they would be among good company. Image copyright V&A Museum Image caption An early pantomime poster from 1878 still shows the stock harlequinade characters, while

Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof’s rival EU referendum flotillas clash on the Thames

Ukip leaders fleet drenches rock stars boat blaring out The In Crowd as campaign stunt on EU fishing policy turns to mayhem The Brexit battle took to the waves on Wednesday as Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof commandeered rival Thames cruiser boats for a campaign stunt about EU fishing policy that quickly turned to mayhem.

Transgender man to sue barbershop that denied service for ‘religious’ reason

United States army sergeant who determines as a transgender male states he was declined service at a California hair salon by the owner, who stated does not serve females A California transgender male strategies to take legal action versus a hair salon after the owner chose not to provide the consumer a hairstyle, mentioning that