Most people throw away tons of flowers after their wedding. She puts them back to work.

Shawn Chamberlain was tending the gardens at a hospice care center one day when she observed something uncommon about among the clients. The lady, basing on a close-by outdoor patio, captured her off guard. Many of the clients Shawn had actually seen at the center were older; hospice care is generally for those who are

Parents want to end the taboo of talking about baby loss – BBC News

‘People unfriended me’ Chloe, from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, said she was considered “low risk” and despite her experiencing severe vomiting, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, and pelvic pain, known as symphysis pubis dysfunction, it was only her who suffered and the baby was “happy as Larry” throughout. But, on 8 September, she couldn’t feel any movement. “I

Leftover Wedding Flowers Find New Purpose

Your big day is among the most wonderful minutes in your life. Whatever needs to be perfect, from the location to the gown, all the method to the flowers. The wedding event market is among the greatest in America, with roughly 2.25 million wedding events occurring each year. Everyone understands a wedding event simply isn€™â

Christopher Marlowe credited as one of Shakespeare’s co-writers

Dramatists to appear jointly on title pages of Henry VI, Parts One, Two and Three in the New Oxford Shakespeare after analysis by team of 23 academics The long-held suggestion that Christopher Marlowe was William Shakespeare is now widely dismissed, along with other authorship theories. But Marlowe is enjoying the next best thing taking centre